This the best breast cancer survivor gifts

best breast cancer survivor gifts – Encourage people with cancer can be done in many ways. When someone is first diagnosed, many people will pay attention and support on them. However, this assistance is often disappears from time to time. Treatment and recovery for cancer takes many months, so do their best to support people you know in the face of the whole trip kankernya. So that you can encourage the person with cancer, consider some of the following ways!

Measures to encourage cancer patients

What gifts for breast cancer patients going through chemo?

  1. know how serious his illness
    Be aware of the level of seriousness of the disease in people with cancer. Find out whether sufferers can be cured or is a deadly disease. Keep the focus to give full attention and consider the prognosis (life expectancy) sufferers. However, the prognosis is not applicable to help cancer patients. Because it can give false hope to sufferers can be improved, whereas in reality he suffered cancer worsened and could not be cured.
  2. help he felt more comfortable and happy
    Always bring a gift to encourage people with cancer, regardless of the prognosis of this disease. Gifts can be either books or magazines, music, DVDS, books, puzzles, and more. Even if the sufferer in a State of dying and could not be rescued again, he should be treated the same as those who still will live long. Buy a warm blanket for the sufferer if he was hospitalized. Bring jacket sleep or sleep if you are prohibited from bringing an extra blanket. Don’t forget to bring socks and slippers to help setting the temperature. According to the University of Texas Health Center, cancer survivors can shiver chills due to some chemotherapy drugs. Buy a hat or kupluk to cover her head who had lost his hair due to chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  3. don’t let him feel lonely
    Take it to the place of religious service of the sufferer, if medically possible. If he is not someone who is religious, spend time with the sufferer to read inspirational stories or poems. Make sure any activity that you do in accordance with the will of the sufferer. Give her a whole book so he entertained when have time alone.
  4. Spend time with him
    Take your time together with cancer regardless of the prognosis is. Time is the most valuable thing that belongs to people with cancer. Bring family members of sufferers to visit it if permitted by regulations of maintenance facilities. Do not be glued against the accepted diagnosis of sufferers, but savor time with him by talking about things that are normal.

Be careful if something to say with regard to the future of cancer sufferers to turn off, because he would not reside and participate in it. Talk about how you will keep your family, friends, or anyone else that he loved when he left this world. If he is comfortable to share memories, you can spend the time to see photos of family and friends with him.

gifts for breast cancer patients 

Do’s don’ts & when talking to cancer patients

Many people are afraid to talk to people with cancer. Actually it does not matter to show concern and urge You to sufferers.

You could say:
I don’t know what to say, but I want you to know that I care.
I am very concerned you had to go through this.
If you want to talk about anything, I’ll always listen.
What are you feeling? (This will make the sufferer more talk than with the question, “How are you?”)
I’m always thinking.
You always in every prayer.

You should not say:
I understand you feel. (If you have never experienced a cancer, then you don’t know).
You are great, Yes. I don’t know how you can overcome it.
Don’t worry about it.
If need anything, tell me, Yes. (Better to say specifically about what you can do).
How much longer the rest of your time?
I know someone who had the same cancer as you, and it was terrible.
I am sad as hell. Sometimes I cry at night thinking.

Don’t feel that you must keep talking all the time. Silence can help sufferers to pull her mind together. Wait for a moment and then ask what was he thinking. Do not be in a hurry, even if the silence persist in a long time. Hand-held hand sufferers if it feels right to do this while you wait for it to say. If he pulls away, you just have to pull your arm back and give it some space.

If the sufferer is crying, don’t try to stop it. Yakinkanlah that it’s okay to cry. Although you cannot bear to see it, but the tears are a natural response against distress and may be releasing emotions is important to sufferers.

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This breast cancer survivor gift ideasĀ 

Did you know that each year, 182,000 women terdiagnosa suffered from breast cancer and 43,300 of them died? Every one of the eight women already or will suffer from breast cancer in her life.

The above statistics so terrible to know. If you have a friend or family member who you love with breast cancer, I am sure you often contemplate, is there anything that you can give to help them.

These are some of the gifts that are suitable for you provide to cancer patients and their families, to give the spirit as well as support.

May be a very appropriate gift you can offer is “your time”, the time for the hearing, and the time you set aside to accompany them as they convicted had cancer, and the time you gave to accompany them during undergoing treatment.

A diary or journal is also an interesting idea. They can fill them with thoughts, lamented over their fate, their struggles, and also the progress that has been achieved in the battle against cancer.

Books that give the spirit (inspiring book), such books will turn on their souls. One of the books that I recommend is the “Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul: 101 Stories of Courage and Inspiration from Those Who Have Survived Cancer”.

don’t forget, a nice teddy bear they can cuddle, and the CD/tape music is soft and soothing.

Again, keep in mind that for the moment, they need especially is someone they can talk to or else to just hold their hands,
bottom line is “be there for them!”