Is breast implants cause cancer?

breast implants cause cancer

For women, the breast is one of the valuable assets that belong to his body. It also has an important portion of the breast concerning beauty. Not uncommon to many women whom lack confidence with their small breast size, they are without a doubt do breast enlargement with breast implants how to install, or better known as the pairing operation Silicon. The aim is none other than aesthetics, add to the beauty of the curved body that coveted job. Talking about risk, what are the side effects that may arise from the installation of a breast implant? Is it true that breast implants cause breast cancer?

What the heck it’s breast implants?

Provide certification of the breast is not currently being scarce again, particularly in Indonesia. There has been many who do, ranging from celebrities to ordinary society do implants for purely for reasons of health or beauty.

According to medical data, a breast implant is a device that is placed under the health of the breast tissue or chest muscle. Breast implant aims to add volume or size of the breast, as well as improve the breast after other medical actions. There are two types of breast implants, saline implants (containing salt solutions) and silicone gel implants.


What is the risk of putting up a breast implant?

If you are the one that will perform a breast implant, you should be ready with a risk of side effects that may be experienced by your breasts. Starting from the reduced ability of nursing, hardened breasts, not even denied the existence of an infection on your breasts. Depending on how your body’s resilience in accepting “the new accessories”.

You sow implant can leak inside the body. In case of leakage, germs and bacteria will eat away at Your body implants.

Not forever of your implants will be fine in there. You should have checked your body at least once a year to see the changes as well as long-term effects what happen due to the implants that you are planting. 

If the installation fails, the implant breast forms you will look strange and not symmetrical.

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What are the causes of breast cancer?

Hereditary factors. Gene BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 believed to medical experts as a type of gene that carries the potential for cancer or breast cancer. This gene is found in people with breast cancer and his descendants.

The use of artificial hormones. Nowadays, a lot of the intake that we consume contains artificial hormones such as skin Whitener, pill, drug, sex or passion-enhancing drugs boost stamina generally made from artificial hormones can trigger the growth of cancer cells.

Radiation. The radiation is done to check the condition of the body is also potentially gave rise to cancer cells. This relates to the examination that you do to see the condition of the body after doing breast implant.

can breast implants cause cancer?

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and The American Society of Plastic Surgeon mentioned, silicon implants are safe for a period of use of 10-20 years. Silicone cannot be used for a lifetime. Well, you need to know here, breast implants are carcinogens (substances kimawi). While not triggering breast cancer, but the cancer-triggering substance other cancers around the breast area.

There have been no research that States breast implant breast cancer risk, but a bad lifestyle, lack of care after placing a breast implant, or leakage of the implant in the breast can cause substances kimawi turned into cancer in part of your breasts. In fact, cancer in the human body is triggered by factors of age, genetic decline, unhealthy life, stress, and life is not married.

Quoted from Guardianews, although the breast implants are not proven bring the risk of breast cancer cells, not that the implant is not risky. Some research that is offensive about breasted implants may be at risk against breast cancer explains, the breast implants that have been planted are essentially blocking the process of mammogram in detecting cancer cells. Closed due to the implant, then cancer cannot always be detected early. A late cancer detection will cause more severe cancer hazards.

It would be better if you are wise in adding “Accessories” on the part of the body of the associated risks and hazards that are accepted, don’t forget to consult your doctor to know the risk more he continued.

So do breast implants cause cancer?

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