This first signs of breast cancer That Woman Should Know

first signs of breast cancer !

Women need to be more vigilant and recognize diseases that are prone to attack them, one of them is breast cancer. One step in prevention is to recognize the physical symptoms.

You probably know the sign of breast cancer is the most common lumps that appear on the breast or in the underarm. Even so, the lump was not necessarily determine that he is both malignant or not.

As reported by MSN, Andrew Putnam, Director of the Palliative Care Program at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and Georgetown University, said that sometimes the cancer lumps are embedded deep in the breast tissue, and because of the denseness, until no felt.

It is very important to observe some other symptoms commonly found in sufferers of breast cancer. These five other breast cancer symptoms can be seen physically woman on her body.


Early signs of breast cancer 

1. Itchy, sore and reddened

Symptoms of breast cancer is when there is a sense of heat when touched, and the inflamed breast. Compared to the case of breast tumors in General, the more these symptoms indicate an inflammation caused by cancer. Breasts swell, ache, her skin redness and flaky. in a further note, the color will be changed so as purplish bruises.

At the next stage, it will be berlesung pipit or changed his character like orange peel. The pain is similar to pain when the PMS, but the sense of gatalnya will show an allergic reaction and does not disappear in just a few days. The cancer cells in the breast would quickly block the blood vessels that nourish the skin, this is feels hot, and inflamed.

2. upper back pain

Usually the spine specialist will first look for signs of tumors in a woman experiencing back pain complaint with match whether or not there are other symptoms. Signs symptoms of breast cancer usually starts from the pain in the upper part of your spine between shoulder blades, tendon and muscle pain osteoarthritis spine.

This happens because the developing breast tumors in the breast gland tissue, then spread to all areas of the chest. The tumor growth pushed backwards toward the ribs and spine. The resulting pain can be felt in the back rather than at the bust. It gets worse again, this breast cancer can metastasize and become secondary bone cancer.

3. changes in nipple

Breast Nipple changes too so sign of breast cancer. Typically, breast nipples will touch sensitive, but when experienced breast cancer, this sensitivity decreases dramatically. The skin of the nipple of the breast also become crusty, scaly and inflamed. This is because most tumors that grow attached to the skin so that it pulls the nipple and cause irritation and infection.

4. Change of breast form

Not all breast tumors are characterized by a hard lump in the breast. There are times when breast forms will undergo drastic changes. The affected breast cancer, the form could be more oval, or fall down and sticking to one side. Note the shape of the breasts carefully, whether the shape is there that turns a bit strange? Need further examination if it failed to disappear.

5. Swelling or lumps in armpits

Underarms so the area that often indicate breast cancer. A cancer of the lymph nodes are usually shown with a pain in the neck and throat area. Lymphatic fluid, flowing from the breast so that there is a lump formed in the armpit area. In fact, when felt with the fingers, you will feel like there is a lump that is hard and is attached.

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This could happen because the lymph nodes in the armpit area is very near with the breasts, thus providing the possibility of exhibiting symptoms of breast cancer.

It’s some of the physical symptoms that you can look to find out if you’re contracted breast cancer or not.

what are the first signs of breast cancer? 

Actually, what it is and how the characteristics of breast cancer?

Cancer caused by the abnormal growth of the cells of the body’s tissues are turns into cancer cells. The cells become to grow uncontrollably and pembelahannya exceeds the limits of normal, attacked a nearby biological tissues, migrate to other tissues of the body via blood circulation, or the lymphatic system.

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that grows and invades the breast tissue, for example in the milk, water outlet or factory producing lobulus breast milk, and other networks.

The stages of breast cancer comprises 4 stadium, ranging from 0 to 4. Stage I to III is even further divided so several types. Know the meaning of the stadium-the stadium is so important, because breast cancer is difficult to diagnosed because the symptoms are similar to other diseases. That is, someone could be found to have cancer when she was already in stage III or IV.

Offered from one of us health site WebMD, stage 0 is the initial stage when the cancer is undiagnosed in the breast or mammary duct, and has not spread anywhere or turbulent. At this stage, the possibility of someone to recover far greater because many handling can be done.

The next Stage is called the phase I, when breast cancer called invasive, or has been damaged and easily invade healthy tissue. Stage one has two types of diagnosis, called the stadium he and stage IB. at the stadium HE, cancer has spread into the fatty tissue of the breast.

In addition, breast cancer stage 1 has a distinctive appearance of lumps in the breast or under the armpit, will usually be more felt during menstruation. The second characteristic is the color of the skin of the breast that turned into redness, irritation, such as occurs and the texture of the skin feels like orange peel. The last characteristic is the advent of changes in the nipple part accompanied by pain, characterized by abnormal fluid coming out of the nipple or nipple melesak. Anticipation early on for the woman so key to suppressing bad risks of breast cancer.

If people with have a tumor or lump in her breast, its size would have been smaller — no bigger than a pea seeds, or might already be lost altogether. The lump itself so one of the symptoms that appear in person with breast, although 8 out of 10 breast lumps that are in women is not cancer, but a cyst or flesh that often appear on a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Breast cancer stage IB, some cancer cells, perhaps in small numbers, have already entered into the lymph nodes.

While breast cancer stage II phase is when the cancer has grown, spreads, or both. Like the stadium this stadium, I also have two types.

Stage IIA is a condition when the tumor (lump) is still there, it’s likely been makin small or missing altogether. this stage also means the possibility of cancer cells are not found in the lymph nodes, or even already spread into other tissues.

Whereas, stadium IIB, the tumor in the breast is larger — maybe the size of a walnut or lemon seeds of. It could be that there are cancer cells in glands gatah nodes or not.

Breast cancer stage III, the cancer has not spread to the bone or organ, but does that mean he is more violent, and more difficult to counteract. This stage has three types. In addition to stage IIIB like Renita suffered, other stadium was the stage IIIA and stage IIIC.

Stage IIIA cancer have found means to nine sections lymph nodes that form a chain from Your underarm to collarbone. In some cases there are big lumps on the breast, but not in other cases. While the stage IIIC means the cancer has been found in 10 or more lymph nodes, or had spread above or below the collarbone.

The last stage of breast cancer, stage IV, is the most severe. Breast cancer cells have spread far from the breast and lymph nodes. The most common are the bones, lungs, liver, and brain. Stadium is described as a “metastatic,” meaning has spread to the outer areas of the body away from the place where he was first discovered.

first symptoms of breast cancer