Best Tips How To Know if you have breast cancer 2019

The World Health Organization noted five years there were more or less 50800 women from around the world who lost their chance of living because of the breast cancer disease. Although breast cancer can also attack the man but in fact the number of deaths of female was higher than in men. Next is the shocking fact 50% of breast cancer cases in the world occurred in developing countries. This could be due to a lack of knowledge of cancer against itself as well as the lack of health facilities and outreach his handling of early cancer.

how do you know if you have breast cancer? 

Do not know the age and background, ranging from the lay community to a-listers such as Angelina Jolie was not able to escape from the attack of breast cancer. Ex-wife of Brad Pitt even have to undergo surgical removal of the breast for the sake of stopping the spread of cancer. Some time ago the news any grief from the artist’s homeland, Irene Sukardi, who breathed his last after battling the disease.

how to know if you have breast cancer

Then wait girls, not the time again to consider the question of the breast cancer thing is trivial and taboos. Thus it was time we know the early signs of cancer as early as possible so that it can figure out a way around it. If you are still in doubt and fear to the doctor, then try deh five simple ways here to check your breast as reported by the health of

how to tell if you have breast cancer? 

1. start by looking at the payudaramu in front of the mirror with straight shoulders and hands on hips

It is actually very easy to do but rarely noticed by women. Standing in front of a mirror for less than 3 minutes to look at the shape of the payudaramu and check whether there are any abnormalities such as bumps, bruises or swelling red. This is important because tumors or cancer can be detected from such traits.

2. Still in front of the mirror, lift your hands perpendicular to the top

This way it is also efficient to know the existence of a tumor or cancer. After lifting the hands up for approximately 1-2 minutes, you can look at the back payudaramu and check whether there are any lumps and if during hand-picked you feel pain at the payudaramu, then check with your doctor immediately.

3. check the bottom of the armpit

Usually for patients suffering from breast cancer will complain of pain under the armpit. Swelling in the armpit part could be one of the characteristics of the appearance of a tumor that can invade the breast. Do not be taken lightly, rajin-rajinlah check the parts of your body as this one.

4. Bent over in front of the mirror and let the your breast running down

One of the best ways to observe the conditions of the payudaramu is to bend down in front of a mirror and then look at whether there is a rash and bumps on the payudaramu. Or is it a pain on certain parts when you bent approximately 30-35 minutes.

5.check the health condition of the nipple

Part of the breast that can be easily observed changes is a nipple. For some cases traits of early breast cancer patients is a hardened nipple condition, there is a rash in the area around the nipple and nipple that shrivels into. Usually also bleed. So it is important for you to begin to be aware of the characteristics of a healthy nipple.

Though not all cases of complaints of pain against breast cancer verdict will end up with, but it doesn’t hurt to stay alert. If indeed there is a peculiarity which is considered quite annoying then check with your doctor immediately. Usually any doctor would not immediately drop the verdict but conducting such further examination examination mamogram and ultrasound.

Waste of fear and ketidakpedulianmu away. You need to know the cause of most cases of breast cancer sufferers in the world that can not be saved caused due to awareness of the presence of breast cancer too late and when will do the treatment condition kankernya have been acute.

The unidentified breast cancer can be deadly, but when breast cancer is detected early, it is called a “local phase” and the rate of surviving five years is 100 percent. so be aware of the possibility of the symptoms other than a lump in the breast, it could save your life.

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how do u know if you have breast cancer 

Offered from Womansday, Tuesday (13/6/2017), here are the other symptoms of the disease of breast cancer, in addition to the presence of lump:

1. pain or discharge of liquid from the nipple

Do Your nipples a bit sick or hurt when touched? Or do they discharge that is not BREAST MILK?

2. Change the texture or enlarged skin pores

Some describe that the skin due to breast cancer, has a texture like orange peel.

3. Pain that does not heal

Even though you’ve been applying ointments or antibiotics, if pain continues to exist?

4. Cough or hoarseness that does not heal

If Your Cough is no cause (not associated with a cold or the flu) and constantly exist?

5. Change in bladder or bowel

Are Your bowel movements became irregular? Do you suffer from diarrhea or constipation without obvious reasons?

6. Loss of energy

Do you feel very weak or tired, no matter how much time you get out of bed?

7. Weight changes

If Your weight increases or decreases for no apparent reason?

8. A lump in armpit

If you find a lump in your armpit and not in the breast? The breast tissue is indeed extends up to the armpits, so cancer lump would not necessarily occur in the breast only.

9. irregular breast size

Do your breasts the other feels bigger than the other?

10. a persistent itchiness

The itching that failed to go off, may indicate fluid that accumulates, the functions of the lymph nodes is bad, or your body trying to make new blood vessels to tumors of the breast.

11. Back pain at the top

Do you suffer from back pain which failed to subside but already doing stretching, chiropractic treatment, or even take a rest?

Breast cancer can cause back pain when tumors grow and encourage nerves and ligaments, or when cancer metastasize into the bone cancer.

So, check your breasts regularly, either a few days after menstruation if you feel there like a lump, or around the same day each month even though you don’t feel it.

During the monthly checks, see the nipples and breast skin, then gently squeeze your breast and surrounding tissue to see if any liquid or lump.

About 20 percent of breast cancer, found by physical examination than with mammography. And don’t forget to check out the area surrounding your armpit. If feel the symptoms as above, preferably immediately made an appointment with your doctor.

how to check if you have breast cancer